Sunday, November 21, 2010


i'm feeling awfully low today. so very unlike me considering that the holiday season is just around the bend. there's a lot of things to do in so little time and among the lot, it is about time for me to "re-arrange" my dreams. most probably, i need to re-think my priorities. and it will be hard if you feel so alone in outlining a life plan and harder to make it work.

oh well. tomorrow is going to be another day to live my dreams. i can't say that i am not thankful for what i have. but i guess, somehow, there are always the "some other things" that a girl can only wish for.

and wish i will upon my little, twinkling star.

i was just not prepared for this. this--which is to take the backseat to something i am only a part of in paper.

i guess, i just came into the picture.

well i know, i just came into the picture. that is why i can't scream it all out loud.

Monday, July 12, 2010

a farm school for aki

it took a lot of meeting cancellations, postponement and fixing me and my husband's schedule before we finally found time to attend a parent's orientation at Abba's Orchard. The first email I sent to them to inquire about the school was late last year, when I heard about their Infant Community program for children below three years old. It is not that I am rushing my son to go to school (although that might as well be the case!). But I felt like that very absorbent mind that he has now will just go to waste if all he does all day at home is watch TV.

There has been a number of schools that me and my husband has shortlisted--some recommended by family and friends and some were school that I know has maintained a good reputation for quality education in Cebu.

But Abba's Orchard is something that really got my attention when my sister told me that it is the only genuine Montessori school in Cebu. I made some research and the videos they posted about their school and some information I got from their website ( really improved my interest on them and so I sent an email to inquire about the school.

They responded by sending an invitation for a parent's orientation. Due to my and hubby's schedule, we had to decline the invite a number of times before we finally found the time last Friday, when both me and Anthony decided to take a lazy day prior to his beach birthday celebration last Saturday.

We were met at the gates of the school (located in Mabolo, Cebu City) by Ms. Aissa, the school admin officer, and was told that they were just waiting for me before they start the orientation. The invite said it will start by 7p.m. and we arrived, thanks to the infamous Mabolo traffic, a few over ten minutes late.

The orientation was conducted by Mr. Chris Barrameda, an engineer by profession and now school director of the Abba's Orchard Farm Campus in Bukidnon. It is the first farm school in the country and in Asia, patterned after a Montessori farm school based in Ohio, U.S.A.

He started the orientation with an introduction of the school's history and credentials of the directors. All of them, teachers and administrators, are trained by the International Association of Montessori school, a global organization that upholds the school of thought of Maria Montessori, one of the millenium's top thinkers who changed the shape of history.

I've always believed in the Montessori method of teaching--the follow the child principle. But what is hard nowadays is that many have claimed to be a Montessori school but only apply a fraction of the pure Montessori method.

It was a lenghty orientation but one that is both interesting and educational! The biggest take-away I had was learning and imbibing the history of a traditional school, that it was a product of the industrial revolution and in the sense, created a mass production of graduates. Both me and Anthony are products of traditional schools and though I can see it was advantageous for us to have been given the opportunity to go to private schools run by Catholic priests/nuns, somehow an afterthought ensued that in a classroom of 50 students, with different learning capabilities and multiple intelligence levels, there were those who were left out in the learning process because the teacher has to stick to the lesson plan.

But the biggest take-away of all is how a Montessori school forms your child's character. In today's age when peer pressure and the influences of pop culture is such a strong third-party in a home, I believe that I have to start forming the values and upright principles of my son as early as now. And since both me and my husband are working, I believe I needed a school who can partner with parents to help in rearing God-fearing children who will grow up with a sense of self and dignity.

It is also a plus that their secondary school program includes a farm school--a real life immersion program with a real farm that helps the students apply academic theories in a natural classroom setting. It is also nice that in farm school, they are also taught the rigors of running a business--be it a swine business, goat-raising or planting crops. "When your child grows, do not put him in the city. Let him go to the province where he can learn more life skills," said Mr. Chris.

I still believe in traditional schools, somehow and one day, my son will be going to one soon. But for now, I'd rather have him go to a Montessori school because we feel that as parents, and when you have the choice, we should not settle for anything less for our children.

We are excited for when our dear Aki will soon step into school. It won't be until he is fully 2 years old that we plan to enroll him (and at least when he's had most of his booster shots already to help keep him away from the sickies).

So parents, I encourage you to check out Abba's Orchard. They do have a campus in Taguig, Davao and CDO as well. They also have a Facebook page so that you can check for yourself if this school is going to be right for your children.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a first time thumbs down to Kris Aquino

I was never one who was shy to admit my adoration for Filipina multi-media queen celebrity Kris Aquino. I admire her for her candidness and wit.

But this latest development on her marriage to PBA cager James Yap really turned me off. She broke the news in such a distasteful manner, though characteristic of her being one famous for heart-stopping confessions over national TV. I believed her when she said that she had grown matured in the past years, what with everything that she was exposed to from her maritabl troubles. But somebody really has to tell her she needs a little more growing to do.

Breaking the news of a possible marital dissolution on national TV before talking to the spouse who you are separating from is just very childish and so heartbreakingly cheap.

And with what she did, people have sympathized more with James Yap, who was left clueless that his marriage to Aquino has already gone this route.

It saddens me that in her K magazine articles, she repeatedly say that both she and James have worked hard on saving their marrige, even to the point of going to a marriage counselor. But I have a feeling that she was never the one who tried hard enough. Besides, I believe that in marriage, quitting is never an option in the first place--unless of course if you have been verbally or physically abused by your spouse. But I believe this is not the case she is facing.

I sometimes think that some people around her are not being honest enough to tell her that it is normal for a person to blow one's top, especially in the midst of stress. Moreso, she has to accept that her husband is allowed to be imperfect towards her. But she just cant accept imperfection, when she has been wholeheartedly accepted despite STD and all the other follies to her name.

So what, your husband just can't blow his top on you without you thinking of calling it quits? She's blatantly proud to have a family who stood by her despite her inadequacies but she just cant be that to her husband, who is family as well.

But then again, she can always say that the public do not know what really happened between the two of them. And then again, I just have to ask. Why must the public be the first to know of your personal and legal plans on your marriage before your husband?

Now, I can say, James Yap is better off without you. Between the two of you, I can say he is the one who was being more human.

Monday, June 14, 2010


there are just so many things new to my life since the last time i posted a blog here. and with those many new things, i found less time to keep this journal updated. it's just like backsliding you know, but unlike my faith walk, in blogging, one have the luxury to be complacent at times.

where to start? i updated my profile to show my new job. just last february, i now work for the global service center of one of the most prestigious financial services firm in the world. as communications manager, the job entailed a lot of long nights, but i am happy with how i am dealing with everything that is also new that comes with a new job--new boss, new workplace, new work schedule, new work buddies--although some were friends from times of old.

i am happy with my job, and am most satisfied with management. but what keeps me fascinated with this firm are the growth opportunities available to its employees. on my very first month, i can see where i can draw a path towards the career i'd like to have with the firm and its so unlike very traditional companies because this company actually encourages you to go places within the firm!

aside from the new job, there are also a lot of amazing new things that my son, Aki, at 19 months, can do! he starts to babble on some words, and soon i can see him to be such a chatter! he is now fascinated with everything that happens in his small little world--a world that is slowly growing everyday. i remembered that first time he learned to open the gates and it got me misty-eyed! my son is so ready to conquer and discover the world in front of him.

hubby and i also decided to get a new car, brand-new and hopefully, less headache on maintenance works. it's nothing grand but very neat and dandy for our small family to bring us to where our adventures begin.

but in line with having a lot of things new, i am still glad to keep up with the old. i am glad that i was able to re-connect with some old friends and is grateful that i did so! it makes my heart melt seeing old chums of mine becoming mothers and some, transitioning from being a girlfriend to wife.
it is beautiful to be in this journey called life when there are other lives you can appreciate while in its full bloom.

new and old things help us appreciate life as it happens.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

time out

“I have chicken pox.”

I wish my announcement would have been as grand as saying, “I have the hickies!” It was “prophetic”—the chicken pox, I mean.

Last month, when we went to Aki’s pediatrician for his supposed last vaccine shot for his first year, Dr. Serafica asked me and my husband if we already had chicken pox. My husband was sure he had his share (because it seemed like everybody has to get the virus at one point in their life). But I’m doubtful if I had mine and my mom was just not helpful.

The doctor said that since Aki might still not have the anti-bodies to fight off the chicken pox virus during the first year of his life, we must have him stay away from possible transference. His chicken pox vaccine was supposed to be scheduled on November still but instead, we had the shot administered earlier—last Saturday.

I know that I promised Aki that I will be there to see him through his shots. But for this one, I just have to stay home since I can’t go out and has to be in isolation. But his daddy told me that Aki was such a good and brave boy that he didn’t even squirm while the needle was injected into his right leg.

Although Aki have had his vaccine already, I still have to keep myself from going near him since the doctor said that the vaccine usually takes effect in five to seven days still. I’m so yearning right now to hug and hold my little one but it won’t be until next week that I can do that. =(

I’m also off from work until the 17th and this is sad and nice at the same time.

It’s sad because my editor, LAP, will be leaving the paper and will join a private firm. After 17 years, I never thought she’ll leave. But it is for the better anyway. I know her reasons and is supportive of her decision.

She’ll be off to her new company on the 10th and I won’t be there to say my good-bye. But there’s still one more meeting when the team can talk, for the last time together.

Being away from work is also nice since I get to finalize the party plans for Aki’s first birthday party. Anthony said that he’s inviting his whole team and my in-laws are flying in from Bacolod.

I have already decided on the menu for the kiddie party and dinner. Some of the party stuff I already bought from suppliers. I am now decided to get a clown host instead of a host in costume since it is so out of synch if the party theme is Sesame Street but the only host in costume available is Winnie the Pooh and Blues Clues.

Hubby and I are yet to decide if we will push with having Elmo (the mascot) around. I haven’t completed the survey as to who among the invited kiddos are scared of mascots since if most of them have mascot phobia, then I’d pass up on Elmo this time lest I’d want the party to end up as a screamfest.

I already bought some game prizes and the loot bags but I do not have the items that I will be putting in them. I’m still trying to haggle with Anthony if we can instead get the mini-mall where the children will be given a little shopping bag and play money to buy from the mini-mall what they wanted for themselves. The supplier told me that the package will go with an attendant who will take care of looking after the store.

Anthony still wanted to get inflatables but it would be unfair for Aki since all the other kids will get to play at the giant inflatable slide and he can’t just yet.

Oh well, we need to talk about everything the soonest time since I want to book all the suppliers before the month ends so that I can concentrate on buying the food items and other stuff that we need in the house for the party—tissues, deoderizers, new rugs and yep, an additional slip mat for the CR. The other day, the son of our neighbor slipped while taking a bath and had a long cut across his eyebrows. =(